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Inside IChing is truly a one of a kind software which delves into the inner realms of Chinese astrology. Encouraging you to ask questions for which you require precise answers, Inside IChing utilizes the ancient wisdom of the Chinese Oracle. This is now a popular worldwide phenomenon, which is also known as I Ching.

I Ching is an ancient Chinese philosophy, which believes that everything in life is constantly in motion, and that each and every situation has a definite interpretation. Inside IChing utilizes this principle of the I Ching to help you find the best possible solution for any given situation, and therefore lead a happy and a completely balanced life.

Inside IChing has an advanced yet simple and user friendly interface, which helps the end user to be familiar with the great powers of I Ching. It allows you to obtain solutions and answers for all your personal problems and thereby helps you to analyze your present situation. Inside IChing helps you to consult the I Ching to gain knowledge and help for any kind of situation that you may be facing at present.

Inside IChing makes predictions based on three major categories:

The Judgment
This section provides you with a short description about the hexagram and its meaning. It also gives you suggestions about actions that need to be undertaken.

The Image
This is also similar to the Judgment section but charts out a definite course of action that needs to be undertaken.

The Changing Lines
These lines represent changes that may occur in your life, the present or the future, as well as opportunities and dangers that you may have to overcome.

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